Does your bum hurt when you sit for long periods of time?

Do you get pain in your tailbone when you’re exercising? This can be annoying for some people and downright debilitating for others. There are many factors to take into consideration with tailbone pain. Here are a few factors to consider when dealing with tailbone pain:

  • Posture
  • Spinal Mobility
  • Pelvic floor muscle tightness
  • Hip and/ or Core weakness
  • Breathing Mechanics
  • History of falls on the tailbone
  • History of tailbone fracture or deviation

Now, how to help with that pesky tailbone pain! I would certainly recommend working with a pelvic floor physical therapist to figure out why you’re having tailbone pain to then determine the appropriate treatment for it. But here are few things to try on your own:

  • Cat/cow stretch
  • Hip stretching- 90/90, Pigeon pose
  • Diaphragm breathing to help release pelvic floor tightness
  • Pelvic floor muscle stretching- Happy Baby, Deep squat, Child’s Pose
  • Hip and core strengthening
  • Sitting on a doughnut pillow
  • Sitting upright, no slouching